We recommend storing your fine jewelry in the Mama Bijoux dust bag you were provided at purchase. A hard storage case is also ideal for travel. Be sure to separate each piece in its own place holder whether at home or traveling to prevent scratches or dents. Hang necklaces to avoid tangling. Please keep in mind real 14k or 18k gold is a soft metal.
With a little extra attention and care, your Mama Bijoux pieces will last a lifetime.


A polishing cloth is ideal on the metal portion of your jewelry. We recommend the cloth in our Mama Bijoux premium cleaning kit.
For genuine diamond jewelry, a light ammonia based cleaning solution is ideal to remove grease, dirt and grime. We love the spray version in our premium cleaning kit. Spray your diamond jewelry with the cleaning solution, lightly brush underneath and around prongs with the provided brush, and finish with a hot water rinse. Let your piece dry on a paper towel. Avoid drying on a cloth towel to prevent lint from getting stuck in and around prongs.
If you do not have an ammonia based cleaning solution, mix warm water with a little dish soap. This is a great option if you are traveling and need a quick fix.
The spray in our Premium Jewelry Kit is also safe to use on semi-precious stones, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pearls and turquoise. However, a light spray is sufficient. Avoid leaving any solution on these stones for a long period of time.
Mama Bijoux offers professional cleaning and steaming at the atelier and we are happy to have you in for regular cleanings!


With regular care and attention, fine jewelry can last for a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation.
We highly recommend removing jewelry while doing strenuous activities like working out, weight lifting, surfing, skiing, or water skiing.
Real jewelry can be worn in the pool or shower and will not tarnish. However, consistent salt water exposure should be limited.
Designate a spot in your home where you safely place rings and bracelets while cooking or washing dishes. Pots and pans can damage the integrity of prongs or scratch gold.
It’s important to have your jewelry regularly checked, cleaned, polished and tightened. With daily wear, huggies can loosen from the hinge. If this happens, bring them into our atelier to be tightened. Always check to make sure backs are on correctly and tightly when wearing stud earrings. Flat backs should remain on but checked regularly to ensure they are screwed in properly.
If there is any question or worry regarding prongs or the safety of your diamond/diamonds please bring them to the atelier to be checked immediately. Prongs can be knocked or broken off and need to be rebuilt.