Spring Clean Your Jewelry

How many of you have jewelry just sitting in a drawer or safe that you never wear? Maybe it was passed down from your mother, grandmother or aunt. It’s just not your style. Or maybe you bought it 10 years ago and your taste and how you wear your jewelry has completely changed. You used to wear all white gold and have now transitioned to all yellow or rose gold. You once liked chunky and ornate pieces, and now you prefer dainty everyday pieces. Spring is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have, reorganize your jewelry storage, refurbish tarnished or dull pieces to get them sparkling again and if you don’t wear it, use the gold and stones to create a brand new piece you know you’ll love!

The beautiful thing about investing in fine jewelry are the endless options! Unlike fashion jewelry, real gold and real stones hold their value and can always be changed, used to create something entirely new or sold for what they are worth today. My all time favorite designs have come from working one on one with a customer taking an existing piece she may not wear anymore and turning it into a piece she’ll wear every day.

Mama Bijoux is a one stop shop when it comes to repairing, refurbishing and repurposing unworn jewelry. Make an appointment today for your personal recommendation. We’ll assess the value of your jewelry and help you determine next steps as well as provide a quote based on what we decide together. 

Here are a few tips as well as a sampling of our most recent custom work.

Cleaning & Jewelry Care

Keep those jewels sparkling by following our guide on jewelry care. See our guide here. When general cleaning is not enough, bring in dull jewelry for a complete professional polish or re rhodium dip. White gold in its natural form is yellow and requires an extra step in order for it to be sparkling white. I love seeing the look on your face when your engagement ring is transformed from a worn-in dull state to looking brand new! Yellow gold jewelry that is scratched on the surface can be professionally polished back to its original state.

Melting Gold

Why let pieces you know you’ll never wear just sit there? Lost a single earring and never found its mate? Perhaps you want to use stones from an existing piece but you’ll never use the original setting it came in? Let’s melt your gold for credit towards something new. We’ll take a handful of your gold scrap to melt and provide you with a credit ranging from the $100s to $1000’s of dollars to use towards a new piece.

Full Custom Rework

Don’t love your engagement ring setting anymore? Received a diamond in a piece or pieces you’ll never wear? Let’s take out the stones and design a whole new look! See below for recent before and after images. We can’t wait to create together!

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