The inspiration for MAMA BIJOUX was born with Kathryn Miller’s daughter, Isabella. Coming from a career in beauty and growing up in a family of jewelers, when Kathryn decided to devote her time to raising her two girls at home, her creative passions were still in fruition and yearning to be fulfilled. 

As a girl and young woman, Kathryn went everywhere with her mother, discovering and learning all aspects of the jewelry industry and shaping her interest in marketing and sales. 

When Kathryn wanted to have an heirloom piece for her first daughter, it was natural that she would collaborate with her mom to create the perfect design and what would soon become the centerpiece of MAMA BIJOUX: a domed, diamond encrusted heart. 

The symbol of the heart has always been calming and comforting to Kathryn. After reading an inspiring quote, her idea to create something that always kept her connected to her girls came full circle and the MAMA BIJOUX Mom & Babe matching bracelet set was created. 

"Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” --Elizabeth Stone 

Kathryn’s daughters have worn their MAMA BIJOUX pieces every day since they were three months old. Constantly noticed by friends, family and strangers alike, Kathryn saw the potential for MAMA BIJOUX as more than just a personal interest, but as a brand that could offer moms and their babes the opportunity to forever stay connected to one another.